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2Fast Event Plans for 2020

Hello all and welcome to the 2Fast Racing official website. In this post, I will discuss the plans and future ideas for the upcoming 2Fast Racing events. We have spent days discussing ideas and making those ideas into a reality and as everything is still being worked on it is as a whole coming together quite nicely. We have a Events page that will now show all current, upcoming and past events hosted by 2Fast Racing. This will be the main location users will come to keep updated on events and to register to enter the events.

In these events, you will find important event information along with a bracket-style leaderboard and a button named “Enter Tournament”. The leaderboard will be updated live as an event is in progress. You can also find above the leaderboard a list of approved members that have entered in the event.

We are currently on hold from hosting any events due to BeamMP’s current standing with server stability. We don’t want to host an event and have the server crash mid-event. We are also still working on setting up all of our vehicle class regulations and rules per event style. These will be dividing events into some classes allowing for many users to participate in fair racing from class to class.

All of our events will be live-streamed on our YouTube channel which you can find on the homepage.

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