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Ford Engines

JITTER updated Ford Engines with a new update entry:


Sorry for the long wait since the last update. This update includes bug fixes/house cleaning and adds 4 engine families consisting of 33 new engines and 96 preset configurations (see details below). I have not yet been able to figure out how to reduce the mod size while keeping the unique engine sounds so sorry in advance for the download size (over 95% of the mod size is from the sound files exported from Automation).

** Please make sure to delete the previous mod...

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Server Downloads

So to fix the issue, find where beam-mp is installed to. For me it is "C:\Users\YOURUSERNAMEHERE\AppData\Roaming\BeamMP Launcher\"

Within this folder is a folder called "Resources." You'll want to download the map off of this forum from somewhere here and place it in that resources folder. Thats how I fixed this issue.
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Hello! A little question I wanna ask: will the remasted Audi RS6 Avant released at here? pretty curious about it because it's High Quality

3DGT Semi and Race Trailer Skin Combos

not trying to rush anything just curious when the update will be out and curious could you do some skins for the small car trailer on here as well
I'm working on getting the update out by Tomorrow, but Sunday at the latest. Just finishing up a few more. I'm looking into the small car trailer; I'll have to put it in blender and export a skin file.
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Ford Engines

JITTER updated Ford Engines with a new update entry:

Ibishu Covet Engines and Configurations Not Working in BeamNG.Drive 0.26

Due to file name changes from the remastering of the Ibishu Covet, all engines and configurations for the Ibishu Covet in this mod will no longer work with BeamNG.Drive version 0.26. I will provide a fix for this in my next update. I am about 75% complete with the Ford and Lincoln Y-block V8s so my hope is to get my next update pushed out sometime in October at the very latest. Sorry for any inconveniences.

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