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410-305 Sprint Cars

This isn't really a question more of a suggestion. I noticed that there is a dirt late model. Me being from the Midwest we love dirt racing. The only thing I haven't seen is a mod for a 410 or 305 sprint car. I'm learning how to mod but I am a beginner. I was wondering if anyone liked the idea and would want to further progress it. Thanks.

Ford Engines

JITTER submitted a new resource:

Ford Engines - Contains Ford Engines made using Automation

This mod adds Ford engines to vanilla vehicles and certain mod vehicles. I have included detailed information as spoilers to prevent the webpage from getting long and cluttered. This mod can also be found on BeamNG.Drive's official mod repository.

Contents of the Mod:
List of engines and the BeamNG.Drive vehicles they are added to:

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3DGT Semi and Race Trailer Skin Combos

that3dguytrav submitted a new resource:

3DGT Semi and Race Trailer Skin Combos - Various Custom Skins

This is a Custom Skin Set with matching skins for the Semi and the 2Fast Racing Trailer.

I will be modifying and updating this file regularly to include New and Updated designs.
If there are any that you want made; just message me and I'll add it to the list.

I have included stock configs of each design for both the Semi and Race Trailer.

It includes the following skin combos:
#3 - Dale Earnhardt
#43 - Richard Petty
Arctic Cat Racing
Custom Wrap 1
Custom Wrap 2...

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Autobello 5/1600 Bug Addon

x1SlowSBCx submitted a new resource:

Autobello 5/1600 Bug Addon - 5/1600

Hey all, this is my autobello 5/1600 addon! It is not a standalone vehicle, the Custom Configuration can be found in the normal autobello vehicle selector.
Features: All new suspension for the Autobello front and rear including realism intended 5/1600 wheel travel with External Bypass shocks.
Custom Cut Body
31x10 Baja tires
Tuneable 4 Speed Transaxle
Custom Light bar and Bumper
View attachment 1282View attachment 1280View attachment 1281[ATTACH...

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Second Generation Dodge Ram

Foxbody submitted a new resource:

Second Generation Dodge Ram - 1993-2002 Mopar workhourse, as a D-Series add-on vairant.

Finally the 2nd Gen Ram is back in action and better than before!

New features
  • Six rear exhaust bed stack options
  • Front factory badging
  • Side factory badging
  • Rear factory trim decals
  • Two tone paint option...

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Adam's Advanced Distance Timer | 60ft 1/8 mile 1/4 mile | UI App

Fordster submitted a new resource:

Adam's Advanced Distance Timer | 60ft 1/8 mile 1/4 mile | UI App - The better drag timer :)

This is the distance timer that all the drag racers use. Thanks to @AdamBlack we have an advanced distance timer that gives you accurate readings for 60ft, 1/8th mile, and 1/4 mile times and speeds.

Please note, you must have the original distance timer mod downloaded, which can be found here.

Thank you for the support! More to come soon!

Our Discord...

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53' SEMI Race Trailer With Living Quarters

2FastRacing submitted a new resource:

53' SEMI Race Trailer With Living Quarters - Haul your truck and your wife to the races!


Get this 53' Race trailer for your semi and get to the races in luxury. This trailer mod features a low loading angle allowing ease with lower vehicles and a side tent attachment providing shade for you and all your haters. This trailer is fully skinnable and comes with an awesome skin for our community.


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1965 Ford Mustang GT Coupe

Fordster submitted a new resource:

1965 Ford Mustang GT Coupe - The first generation of Mustang now in BeamNG

Introducing our '65 Ford Mustang GT mod! This mod is a port from both Need For Speed Heat and Forza Horizon 5. Using the best of both worlds, this is one of our most customizable mods yet!

View attachment 1308

This mod features:
  • Eight Configurations: Factory (M), Fleet (M), GT350 (M), Hot Rod (M), RTR (M), Track (M), Drag (A), and Offroad (M).
  • Full glowmaps
  • PBR Materials
  • Modified 289 Small Block Ford Engine
  • All body modifications found in NFS Heat
  • HQ...

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(WIP) 2021 Ford Bronco WildTrak

Progress will be posted over time.
Had always wanted to do this for some time, so I'm starting work on a new project - 2021 Ford Bronco!
Currently working on preparing the model for Beam, then will work on engine stuff and such.

Blender pictures!

Current progress:
2-door: 20%
4-door: 0%

model source: