Meyers Manx (Autobello Piccolinetta)

as most of you know, i have been making high quality automation mods for beam, and i have decided to finally attempt to make my own actual mod. so, without further ado, here is what i have so far:

Model: 30%
Jbeam: 0%
Textures: 5%
Ingame stuff: 10%

basically, i took a base, unmodified dune buggy model from automation, (credit to @matt from the steam workshop for his summer plastic '60s body) and then ripped out all the suspension /drivetrain parts, and threw it all on autobello running gear and a few other parts. i have taken several different attempts at this, (all of which resulted in me getting frustrated and deleting my progress) and have come to realize that i, myself cant do this alone, so if anyone would be willing to assist me with this project, please dm me via discord (Mustangporsche67) or dm me here, it would be greatly appreciated.

Pics (Disclaimer: all ingame pics are the current automation body unedited ingame, not the current blender progress)

Blender 10_16_2021 2_14_36 PM.pngscreenshot_2021-10-19_19-40-36.pngscreenshot_2021-10-19_19-40-44.pngscreenshot_2021-10-19_19-40-53.pngscreenshot_2021-10-19_19-41-03.pngscreenshot_2021-10-19_19-41-17.pngscreenshot_2021-10-19_19-41-34.pngscreenshot_2021-10-19_19-41-52.pngscreenshot_2021-10-19_19-42-08.pngscreenshot_2021-10-19_19-42-19.png
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Mercedes Benz S63 AMG Coupe 2021

Iamthelaw105 submitted a new resource:

Mercedes Benz S63 AMG Coupe 2021 - also include the Brabus B63 800

First thanks for the great collaboration with Cyborella.
Configs, Engines, Drivetrain, Sounds and beta testing from her.
Also big thanks to baarry5444 for making Factory Colors
and Nejc for help on getting 3D Parts for it.
This took about 2 month for building, testing and improofing
so respect the efford and time we spend in this car and enjoy the drive ;)

Mod Features:
- INSTALL: drag zip to mods
- HQ 3D model / PBR Support
- HQ Interior
- HQ engine and parts
- HQ textures
- Custom...

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2012-2018 Volkswagen Golf GTI (MK7) | Revolution Racecraft Original

Fordster submitted a new resource:

2012-2018 Volkswagen Golf GTI (MK7) | Revolution Racecraft Original - The Vivace's German cousin

View attachment 723

Welcome the MK7 GTI to BeamNG! A fun hot hatch, perfect for any terrain.

View attachment 726

This mod features:
  • Six Configurations: GTI (M), GTI (DCT), Canyon Carver (M), Pandem (M), Rally (M), and Track Ready (M)
  • Glowmaps
  • PBR Materials
  • WIP Interior with unique textures and functional navigation screen (gauges are work in progress and will be functional...

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Pulling truck weight box.

Dee-Dop submitted a new resource:

Pulling truck weight box. - Adds a weight box to your truck

This is a very simple weight box to help with truck pulling, its not very detailed now but in the future I plan to add a bit more detail and better texturing, I'm only releasing it in this state due to many people asking for the mod.

The weight box shows up as a front bumper accessory.

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(automation) Sterling Motorcars Dominator

MP67 submitted a new resource:

(automation) Sterling Motorcars Dominator - The Revolution just got a tyre slaying, bloodthirsty GT cousin.

Due to the success of my other creation, the Sterling Motorcars Revolution, i present to you this: the Dominator, a 11000rpm Twin Turbo V12 GT car designed to actively try to kill you. It is an unforgiving, raw, stupidly fast beast that will bite your arm off if you aren't careful. Alright, enough with the descriptions, ill let the pictures do the talking.
View attachment 715View attachment 716View attachment 717View attachment 718View attachment 719

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Autobello Dragster

CarGuy submitted a new resource:

Autobello Dragster - Zoom zoom!

Behold, the Autobello dragster! Complete with 3 configs!
-Dragster (537 HP)
View attachment 710
-Drag Police (537 HP)
View attachment 711
-Dragster+ (11,543 HP)
View attachment 713
PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended that you use the realistic gear box mode, because for some reason the car shifts at 2000 RPM in arcade mode.

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