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Beta 1999 Ford F-350 | Revolution Racecraft Original | D-Series Variant | Meo's Parts 1.0.2

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The '99 F-350 comes to BeamNG as a variant of the D-Series. This is the first truck by Revolution Racecraft and generated a lot of hype when it was first released. This is an updated version with a lot of fixes that will help bring more quality to this mod.

Thanks Dylan8787 for the video!

New updates include:
  • Edited Jbeam on all parts to better fit the F-350 Mesh (WIP)
  • Glowmaps for headlights and taillights
  • Proper headlight and taillight deform groups (no texture fix)
  • Configurations changed to solid axle rear suspension
  • Structural changes that clean up the part selection by forcing F-350 parts only to F-350 frames
Known Bugs/Future Changes:
  • 3 Link and 4 Link short and long links do not attach to the frame
  • More Jbeam fixes (hood specifically)
  • More offroad parts
  • A frame with uplift capabilities

Thank you for the support! More to come soon!

Our Discord server can be found at: https://discord.gg/MrgGTf9VzK
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