2019 Audi S3/RS3 (8V) | Revolution Racecraft Original | Vivace Variant

Alpha 2019 Audi S3/RS3 (8V) | Revolution Racecraft Original | Vivace Variant 1.0.3

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This mod has been reuploaded to remove jbeam code used from a mod by Car_Killer to jbeam code edited from vanilla content. Check out their mod here: https://tinyurl.com/CarKillerEmousse


The 8V Audi S3/RS3 comes to BeamNG as a variant to the Vivace. This German-made sedan has been making a name for itself all over the world as one of the best performance sedans. Make sure you navigate to the Vivace configuration selector to find the S3/RS3.


This mod features:
  • An 8V S3 with S3 specific bumpers, headlights, motor, and exhaust
  • An 8V RS3 with RS3 specific bumpers, headlights, motor, and exhaust
  • Glowmaps for all lights
  • Edited Jbeam to better fit the car (WIP)
  • Detailed interior with working dash (WIP)

Known issues/future fixes for this mod include:
  • Jbeam fixes (rear doorglass, etc)
  • Better looking interior (better textures, fix overlapping parts, etc)
  • Drag parts
  • License plate fixes
  • OEM wheels
  • High offset suspension options
  • Chrome mirror bezels
Thank you for the support! More to come soon! Special thanks to @Foxbody for helping me with meshes.

Our Discord server can be found at: https://discord.gg/MrgGTf9VzK
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Latest updates

  1. Small update

    The cars are a little bit wider and the flare on the rear has been fixed.

Latest reviews

It's a really good mod, with excellent sound. I've always loved the RS3 and this mod represents it well in BeamNG
Thanks for the mod I always wanted to drive Audi s3/rs3 sedan in beamng!! I haven't tried it yet but I hope its good
It's in the vivace's configurations.