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Civetta Bolide Busa Engine

Release Civetta Bolide Busa Engine 2.0

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I am the same Angry_Bird on BeamNG forums, here is my first mod on this forum, featuring a Civetta Bolide with a Hayabusa-inspired Engine!


Screenshot 2022 06 12 16 08 16

Screenshot 2022 06 12 16 09 41

There are three configs, the 'Busa NA, the 'Busa Turbo and the 'Busa Turbo 1000! You can also put a turbo too if you think it is too slow for you, up to more than a thousand horsepower! There is also a 1.7L Stroker Race engine internals option that can push north of 300 HP in NA tune with race intake and exhaust. Here I added upgraded tires for 19x9 and 19x12 plus a set of 19x12 custom sized vanilla Okudai PR02 rims with all three colors! Not to mention a Hayabusa-inspired manual transmission ratios as well! ABS and ESC are equipped (you need to manually activate it under the Engine switch) plus an upgraded radiator and oil cooler!

Screenshot 2022 06 12 15 29 21
Screenshot 2022 06 12 22 52 38
Screenshot 2022 06 13 01 29 54

Note: The engine model is mainly based on the Ibishu Wigeon's 1.3L I4 engine model, with the turbo models being based on the 2nd Gen Pessima's I4 turbo models and the piping used by duplicating the Bolide's muffler models.

I hope you enjoy this mod and I could make a BeamNG vehicle mod with using an Automation car body base (TBD) like the Gavril Vertex in the near future (if my blender skills were better in the first place and some people that could help me out on the jbeam, texturing, materials...etc there)
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  • Barcroft
  • 4.00 star(s)
  • Version: 1.0
the car wont start if you spawn in the config its been put in i can only get it to work if i spawn in a normal version and then swap the engine in
Hmm the mod was made during 0.24, and since the potato laptop I am using rn with beam installed can't run 0.25 maps, I will need some time to investigate on why the car won't start. A possible cause is that when there are no tires in the config, when you spawn the configs try look for the tire or wheel slots and then fill up the slots. It had happened to me before sometimes.