Gavril Grand Marshal Coupe

Alpha Gavril Grand Marshal Coupe 1.0.2

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To find the car, navigate to your Gavril Grand Marshal configurations screen.

This is a mod that includes a new frame and body for the Gavril Grand Marshal, but now as a 2-door coupe. My vision was to create a more modern 2-door muscle car than we have currently. Minor edits to the original Marshal include larger front grille, shortened front and rear end, and pumped rear quarter panels.

This mod includes:
- Grand Marshal Coupe Frame with corresponding Coupe Body, Front Bumper, Fenders, Rear Bumper, Hoods, Headlights, Taillights and Glass
- Six Configurations based off of the vanilla configurations (Fleet, V8 Roadsport, Street Tuned, Undercover, Drag, Track)
- Modified Jbeam to fit the changes to all modified parts.

As this is an alpha release, there are a few things that I look to improve in the next update:
- More Configs
- UV Mapping
- Better shading in a few areas (front bumper, c pillars)
- Unique Badging
- Addition of any missed parts
- Jbeam adjustment

Thank you all for the support and as always let us know if we can help get this mod set up for you.
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Not to be to harsh, but the textures are just awful, and the mesh snd jbeam is a mess
it's a cool mod and please can you make a convertible miramar
Looks like a good mod but, Some things should just be left to the imagination hahaha. i cant unsee this atrocity! Nice Work.