Austrian Dragstrip [REVAMPED]

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Feb 12, 2021


This high-speed adrenaline-pumping drag specific map is the latest and greatest by 2Fast Racing featuring a 1/8th | 1/4mi 2 lane high-speed drag strip along with a 400' 2 lane sand drag track and a 660' Hill & Hole mud racing track. If you like going fast in any vehicle type this map is for you!

We have spent the last 3 months working on this map while listening to our community to improve it the best we can. And that finally has brought it to a state ready for release thanks to everyone in the 2Fast Racing community for the help making this the map it turned out to be today! This is not the final version and the map is planned to have many updates in the future.​

What's new?
  • Added working drag lights and timing system.
  • Added dynamic track lighting.
  • Added Sand Drag track.
  • Added Mud Drag track.
  • Added Boat Drag track.
  • Added No-Prep track.
  • Added more tire marks on tracks.
  • Improved general map lighting & reflections.
  • Much more coming soon!

Once you downloaded the resource, open "File Explorer"
on your computer and navigate to "Documents/" like so->. View attachment 28
Once there you can copy the .zip file you downloaded and place it in the mods folder you are in.
After all that you are ready to enjoy the resource in-game.

Credits & Information:

All credits of the original map go to @TheGameLix2
This map is published with permission from the original author.