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Heads-Up, Sportsman Tree, Prepped track for RWD driven vehicles. Door cars and trucks only (no dragsters, buggies). Must be a member of 2Fast Racing Discord Server. No speed cap. ¼ mile only.


  • LIST BASICS This is a 2Fast Racing Racing Discord member-only list. COREKILLTV, TOW, and HATERZRAID will manage the list ranking on the website, and will manage call outs, etc in the #list-racing channel on our Discord server.



After initial establishment, anyone can get on the list but must do so by calling out the next driver on the list (if you are already on the list, 1 spot above you if you are not on the list then start at 10 and race your way up). Whoever is currently holding the number 10 spot will become the gatekeeper.

All races will be heads up, 1 pass, no excuses. The winner wins, the loser loses. Point blank. If you are not on the list already and you race the gatekeeper and lose the race you must wait until the next race before you can try again. If you are on the list and lose a callout you can call the winner of your race back out and try again the same night. But, if the winner already called out the spot above, you will need to wait and call out the loser of that current race.

You may also call out the loser of the race before their race takes place. If you are already on the list and win, you can continue to call out and move up the list at that same event, but only as much as those called out allow. ALL callouts will be done PUBLICLY on the 2Fast Racing Discord server in the #list-racing channel (please tag a staff member) or at the driver’s meeting that night of racing. Callouts for those not already on the list close Friday at 9:00 pm EST every week. In the event we have multiple gatekeeper callouts on the same week, those cars wishing to race the gatekeeper will first race each other to determine who is faster. The winner races the gatekeeper. The loser can try again the next race. Those on the list can callout both before and at the track. Racing will take place every Saturday night at 7:00pm EST unless otherwise posted in our Discord.

If you are unable to attend two consecutive races you will be bumped off the list completely. In addition to that, If you fail to attend a race you will lose two positions and the racer below you after the position change cannot move up the list for that race. If you lose two positions from missing a race and you are placed in the #10 position then you will be removed from the list and the next person to race the gatekeeper shall take your place. If you call someone out and don’t show up your callout is no longer valid and you can be called out by listers below you potentially losing your spot and potentially dropping down up to two positions.

Those that are on the list already will flip for lane choice, those trying to make the list, lane choice will go to the gatekeeper. Priority for races will always go to listers first, then to those trying to make the list. Lister callouts will be prioritized by who was called out first.

  • CAR CHANGES If mid-season you decide to operate a different vehicle than you started the season with you must forfeit your position on the list and work your way back up. Car changes on race night or mid-event are not allowed.
  • CONDUCT Respect each other and the cars at all times. We completely understand that some smack talking is normal and that folks are passionate about racing but if you take it to a level that makes this unenjoyable for others, then action will be taken by the list moderators. In general, your car and your driving can do most of the talking. Let’s keep it enjoyable!
  • COMPLAINTS AND RULES We fully understand that this list may not be for everyone. That’s no problem. We have done and will do our best to make this fun and fair but the rules are rules, both for the track and for the list. Legitimate complaints and suggestions will be taken seriously but if the final verdict is “no” or “that’s not changing” then it’s that simple. Although we will put a lot of effort into making this right, don’t make this a headache for us and remember that just like you, we are human, have lives, careers etc. Have a little patience. In the event that cheating of any kind is identified by another list racer, it will be brought to the attention of the moderators. If confirmed, the cheater will be disqualified from the current list racing season and forfeit their spot.
  • BODY Import or domestic compact car bodies, sedans, coupes or pickup vehicles allowed. Bumpers cannot be removed. Widebody kits/parts allowed. No weight reduction. All stock factory equipped body, frame, and floor-pan (lightweight hood ok.) Trunk components can be removed. ALL glass panels must remain installed.
  • CHASSIS AND SUSPENSION Full tube chassis prohibited. Roll cage required unless vehicle make does not allow for one. Wheelie bars and tow hitches/attachments are prohibited. Shocks & Springs are required.
  • DRIVETRAIN AND TRANSMISSION RWD only. Gas or Diesel fueled engines allowed. Any factory style engine and trans assembly (no jet, turbine, turboshaft style engines).
  • POWER ADDERS (nitrous, turbos, supercharger) or naturally aspirated allowed.
  • INTERIOR Full interior, 2 front seats, rear seat delete is okay, all other interiors as factory equipped.
  • TIRES/WHEELS Any vanilla BeamNG street radial or drag slicks are permitted. Tires are required and must fit inside of fender wells Tire can only clip through a maximum of 25% of the fender well.
  • ENGINE Engine swaps ok. No additional modification parts.
  • ENVIRONMENT All environment or world/map changes will be checked and verified by a track official before your race starts. ANY world or environmental changes will result in a disqualification for the current season.
  • CENTERLINE DISQUALIFICATION – The Track Officials will be in charge of any disqualifications caused by the racer crossing the centerline of the track. Any such calls must be made before the next pair stages.

These rules may be modified at any time for safety and fairness.

Event Schedule:

  • 6:00pm: Racers shall start gathering in the server and Discord server whether they have a microphone or not.
  • 6:45pm: Drivers meeting and time to make last-second callouts.
  • 7:00pm: Race start.

We understand that not everybody has time to attend the full race and we will try our best to start and finish the event nights fast as possible. IF the event we’re to take longer than 2 hours to complete for any reason the event will continue the following day with the same time schedule as above.

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