Coldzera: ‘If you ask me the best team I’ve played in my life, I’ll say it’s LG

Posted by admin October 23, 2018 in News

Like a loving relationship, chemistry is essential in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. At least that’s what MIBR leader and twice-elected best player in the world from 2016 to 2017, Marcelo “coldzera” David, thinks.

Coldzera sat down with ESPN Esports Brazil during the Brazil Game Show to discuss his team and reflect on his career.

“I think having a strong team depends on a lot of people,” he said. “Like it or not, Stewie and tarik are less warm than Brazilians. Stewie has improved a lot in this matter. Tarik is still a little cold. We are not living together to meet, have lunch and dinner together and create this chemistry.”

“We are in the process of learning. We have to adapt to them as they also have to adapt to us. It’s difficult — it’s something that comes with time. It will take about three to four months to improve this chemistry inside and outside the game,” he added.

However, chemistry is not the only determining factor for a team’s success. The language barrier and differences in mentality have also been mentioned as elements that are part of this process of change.

It is bad for us when we extend the holidays too much during the year. When we get back, we are unprepared and behind everyone else,” coldzera said. “A player from Europe and the United States can go out, have dinner, go to a party and the next day he plays with rain, NiKo. The skill level is kept because he is playing with the best. Here in Brazil we do not feel like playing. We know it’s not going to be such a good deal. We prefer to take a detox and not play, but I think we extend that a lot.”

After a rough start, the team also decided to dismiss Epit├ício “Taco” Filho and Ricardo “boltz” Prass. And, after speculating about national and international players, Stewie2k and Tarik “tarik” Celik were chosen.

“This year in August we have cut our holidays in half. We had 10 days off and two weeks of boot camp. We realized that we need only seven or 10 days, then we have to go back and prepare ourselves more than everyone,” he added.

“We wanted s1mple and flamie at the time, but it did not work out. They wanted to come, but there were some problems. Before we called the Europeans, we tried some Brazilians. We made offers, but some organizations asked for ridiculous prices, which unfortunately were not worth it”, he revealed.

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