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How do I play BeamMP?

See the full tutorial here: BeamMP Installation Tutorial

How do i download mods on the website?

To download mods you must first create an account. Once complete you can navigate to the mod you desire and press the download button to the top right.

How can I support the 2Fast Project?

Currently, You can support us by subscribing to our Patreon. At the moment we do not offer anything special in return for your donations other than great servers and a great community. but we do plan on offering in-game exclusive items and “stuff” in the future.

Where are 2Fast servers hosted from?

All of our servers are hosted from a datacenter located in Dallas TX USA.

What do I do if a player is abusing the rules?

We ask you to please report them on our Discord using the #?submit-a-ticket channel including photo or video evidence and the users full name.

What are the rules?

You can find all the rules here: 2Fast Racing Rules

How do I apply for staff?

Create a support ticket in our Discord server and we will get you started!

How do I join a event?

View the event you would like to enter from our events page then click register in the event description section.

How do I see a event that is currently running?

We livestream all of our events on our twitch channel.

Why are 2Fast servers the best?

We host all of our servers from 100% dedicated server machines and datacenter managed networking with (D)Dos protection and custom scripts that keep our servers online even if a server decides to crash it will be back online within 4 seconds. All this while having a great and dedicated staff team and a fantastic community that is all BeamNG and general motorsports enthusiasts.

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