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Civetta Bolide 5.2L V10 + Rear Mounted Turbos

Alpha Civetta Bolide 5.2L V10 + Rear Mounted Turbos 1.0.1

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This update includes two parts. The first is an update to the sound of the engine. It updates sound configs to the vanilla "v10_2_engine" and "v10_2_exhaust." Hopefully this helps alleviate issues reported by some!

The second part is a new intake setup: AGR Twin Turbocharger Kit. AGR of course stands for Aboveground Racing. The intake features modified turbocharger values along with meshes using vanilla BeamNG parts. The model includes correct piping, air-to-water intercoolers, rear-mounted symmetrical turbos, AGR exhaust, modified rear body, deleted airduct, and cone air filters. Select the "520 AGR Top Speed (DCT)" configuration for easy navigation.

Hope you all enjoy!