1. 2FastRacing

    Beta [2FastRacing / RR] Hoonicorn v2 | 1,400HP AWD Twin Turbo 65' Mustang 1.0.01

    2FastRacing brings the famous Hoonicorn v2 mustang to BeamNG.Drive. This resource features 1,400hp on an AWD 65' Mustang chassis creating an absolute beast of a machine. IMPORTANT NOTE: It is highly suggested you disable your understeer and oversteer assists in your BeamNG game settings under...
  2. Glen006

    Beta Scintilla Sheep Racing Turbo 0.9

    This mod adds a turbo kit developed by Sheep Racing to the brand new Civetta Scintilla. Sheep Racing also has developed new radiators and a reinforced block able to handle up to 3000 HP and 60 PSI of boost. Credits: Fordster - Inspiration Beamng.Drive - Original Models
  3. HornetGaming

    Beta Buckyville Island 1.0

    This is a Tropical island with a large dirt race track (with fast AI), large rally course, 4 offroading courses, a good sized airport, a large downtown, and more features coming soon! Also this map has a TON of Easter eggs so try to find them all! UPDATES: FIXED: Map vanishing at certain places...
  4. BabyTeethLFA

    Alpha BabyTeethLFA's Automation Pack 0.10 - RELEASE

    BabyTeethLFA's Automation Pack ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This Mod currently features - 2 Vehicles LFM 20 Series SuperSpeed (WIP and not available yet) LFU 20 Series (WIP)
  5. 2FastRacing

    Beta Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca 1.0.0

    Race on this amazing classic track that is today known as the WeatherTech raceway. This racetrack is 2.238 miles long, with a 180 feet elevation change. Its eleven turns are highlighted by the circuit's signature turn, the downhill-plunging "Corkscrew" at Turns 8 and 8A. This is a original port...