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A special thanks for 4,000 Discord members & an excelling community. | Event updates & plans.



Staff member
Feb 12, 2021


We have once again surpassed a milestone that I would have never thought would come so soon. Early this morning we reached 4,000 Discord server members which is absolutely amazing. In just four months we have doubled our community and are only growing faster and stronger as we go.

Something that is even more impossible for me to believe is that our forums are growing twice as fast as the Discord server and will surpass it in members very soon at a current 3,765 members. The forums we’re only started 5 months ago and is showing to be an amazing asset to the BeamNG community.

** I would like to thank you all for being a part of our space and what we do. Without you *none*of this would have been possible and I am thankful for all the support and following we have received lately.**


I would also like to bring up our plans for the upcoming future. We are working on bringing events back very soon. But it can be difficult trying to make all the ends meet while also managing all the stuff we deal with on our real everyday adventures.

We will NOT be bringing the List Racing series back that we have hosted previously due to it taking too much time to manage and caused too much drama and issues between the community. This also allows us to diversify our events and not just focus on Drag Racing. I am sure some of you have noticed some new channels pop up recently in our Discord. These four series is what we plan to focus our time to for now.

We will in the upcoming weeks be testing different strategies to better the flow of the events. If you would like to participate in these trial events then please see #🔔update-notifications and subscribe to the @General Updates to be notified when we will host them.