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Baja inspired BeamNG Map

History of this Map

This will be later replied to with the files needed to enjoy the custom map created by myself, Leshii413 with assistance by Gallo using his mod of Johnson Valley as the basemap to the 35 mile course you can see by downloading the map folder.

The creation of this map came after my brother and I were playing BeamNG together on the default Johnson Valley map that comes with BeamNG, rain at high speeds on the boundary trails in the trophy trucks and open wheel Baja bug provided by the base game. Unsure of how to even make a beam mod or that multiplayer existed, I searched for desert racing mods. I first encountered rock crawling maps, but none too large or enticing. Then I came across Johnson Valley (Johnson_Extra) by Gallo on the Beaming mod forums. At the time it was the original posting with no updates, so I was enjoying it. I quickly learned about multiplayer and then started hitting road bumps with the game glitching, voxel limits for the map size, and the all important, "don't delete base game files" as I had to start over from nothing after deleting a file and missing the removal for a month. This error and not catching it resulted in the loss of backup saves to restore to.

After this, I reached out to Gallo about maybe some team work to make a much more authentic feeling Baja map that I could host off of. He happily agreed and we set to work. 2 months later, Baja 75 was born, initially having a 22 mile loop, it was later expanded with us learning how to remove the dunes and modify the terrain to our liking.

Start of March, 2024, the last sizable map update was pushed for the Baja75 servers containing a few errors in terms of floating rocks, bushes and a couple sections of rough road terrain.

Map edits were put on hold for two months due to my IRL Race team having to compete in the West Hare Scrambles series for motorcycle racing, noting complaints here and there if floating objects and other things I missed, the visitor count rose every day on the unfinished product I made while Gallo's published mod received over 60,000 downloads. (current as of this post is closer to 75,000 downloads) This means at least 75,000 people have an interest in the map and game style. So I am back, having spent half of June editing the server file for better race course distance, flow of traffic for racing, adding and removing fine details, check points, and authenticity based add ons like Mexican Police check points on the race course (courtesy of Gallo adding them to the files) and creating a sense of realism with the course markers and terrain features.

Here is a
teaser video from December of 2023 showing a portion of the race course as a teaser when all of this was dreamed up and this videoclip by SpicyBoisGaming passing another racer in a March race on the current course layout.

Any questions, comments or suggestions for the map will be considered. This is a hobby of mine and will be worked on when possible.

Looking to race on this course? Check out the events section of this forum for any Baja races scheduled!​