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Event Structure Changes and Community Milestones



Staff member
Feb 12, 2021
Good Sunday afternoon!

We hope everyone has been well and enjoying your stay here so far. I would like to welcome all the new users that have joined our community in the past months. As we near 70,000 members on our forums I would like to personally thank you all for being here and being a part of our project. We have been working hard lately to focus on bringing constant activities to you such as our Nascar and Drag racing series which have been an amazing activity so far as we approach our 4th race of the season. If you didn’t already know, we host competitive yet fun events on Saturdays around 7PM EST. anyone can participate and registration takes place on our forums at HERE.

We have decided to make some changes to our event structure to allow new participants not to feel they have no chance to compete with the season points leaders and allow anyone to rise and become a champion. This new system removes our traditional points system. Instead of acquiring points depending on your finishing position the winner will receive a @1x Race Winner [23] role on our Discord server.
This role will be your ticket for a chance to win in the ultimate Champions race at the end of the season. The amount of race wins you have in the active season will determine your qualifying position in the Champions race. The winner of the champions race will acquire a @Season Champion [23] role which only the best of the best can get their hands on and will be the ultimate bragging right to rub in your opponent's faces.

We have also officially canceled our BAJA Series sadly, but this does not count you out! If you have won one of our previous BAJA races you can choose to participate in one of our other active series champion races. The 2023 season is still on it’s schedule and we still have 6 months of racing ahead of us! So keep an eye on our upcoming events on the forums!