Meyers Manx (Autobello Piccolinetta)


Feb 13, 2021
as most of you know, i have been making high quality automation mods for beam, and i have decided to finally attempt to make my own actual mod. so, without further ado, here is what i have so far:

Model: 30%
Jbeam: 0%
Textures: 5%
Ingame stuff: 10%

basically, i took a base, unmodified dune buggy model from automation, (credit to @matt from the steam workshop for his summer plastic '60s body) and then ripped out all the suspension /drivetrain parts, and threw it all on autobello running gear and a few other parts. i have taken several different attempts at this, (all of which resulted in me getting frustrated and deleting my progress) and have come to realize that i, myself cant do this alone, so if anyone would be willing to assist me with this project, please dm me via discord (Mustangporsche67) or dm me here, it would be greatly appreciated.

Pics (Disclaimer: all ingame pics are the current automation body unedited ingame, not the current blender progress)

Blender 10_16_2021 2_14_36 PM.pngscreenshot_2021-10-19_19-40-36.pngscreenshot_2021-10-19_19-40-44.pngscreenshot_2021-10-19_19-40-53.pngscreenshot_2021-10-19_19-41-03.pngscreenshot_2021-10-19_19-41-17.pngscreenshot_2021-10-19_19-41-34.pngscreenshot_2021-10-19_19-41-52.pngscreenshot_2021-10-19_19-42-08.pngscreenshot_2021-10-19_19-42-19.png
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Mar 28, 2021
dang! Really have wanted a meyers manx ingame for a WHILE. Here are some ideas for the future.
custom roll cage
modern lightbars
lowered suspension
rear mount turbos
soft top
half roll cage
round hard top
and a UNIT of engine customization so we drag people can make drag meyers manx things