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Offroad Racing Series - Baja Style

Are you looking forward to offroad distance racing like baja?

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  • No, this is a bad idea

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  • I dont want to give an answer, just want to mess with the poll.

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Dec 11, 2023
As the title implies, Baja Races. Famed with the history of the Baja 1000, brought about over now nearing a century of off road desert racing. Now, thanks to the wonders of technology (and a little bit of headache) BeamNG was created allowing us all to host races of all types.

With that, a new mini series called the Baja75 is beginning thanks to the server host Beamhost, Now there is a BeamMP Server capable of running smaller scale Baja races while still offering at least an hour of driving per "lap".

While various mods are limited due to the player that has purchased the server limiting server storage capacity, there are some basic mods available with the almost always allowed option of having your own skin uploaded if you possess it. (skin quantity limited to 200 at the moment)

So please keep an eye out for further more detailed posts regarding events on the website as well as articles related to the events and the rule book pertaining to the racing series style.
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Lets get a large race going.

Friday, July 19th, 2024. 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (8PM EST)

Discord Server info via the above linked instagram
, server hosted by beam host via beammp. Currently there is a practice and race server under Name Baja75.

Map will be updated so it is fresh for Everyone!

Race starts 30 minutes past the discord event start time. All racers must be ready by discord event start time or they cannot load a vehicle and compete. Map will be open for vehicle customizations the weeks leading up to the event. Anyone customizing their vehicle on race day will be disqualified and kicked from the game server.

Race will be 2 laps. So set aside 2 hours at least.

Racers will start in groups of two with 20 second gaps between starting groups.Joker route must be taken once during your race. Streaming your race is allowed, recording your race is allowed.If you would like the series logo & banner please ask for it in #general-chatFollow up race, pending this race has any attendance over 40% of those that signed up, will occur August 9th, 5PM Pacific Standard Time.

05:00 PM PST: BeamMP Event server is online. Open to pre-running loop and tuning.

Any conflict of race events will be postponed in favor of any off-road Baja style races hosted by 2fastracing due to their better style of hosting over my own.
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