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[TRIAL EVENT] Nascar CUP Series At Bsports (Short Track)

[TRIAL EVENT] Nascar CUP Series At Bsports (Short Track)

Enter to participate in our CUP series trial event. This event is meant to help make future official events be a more seamless & fun experience. This is not an official event and does not count towards season points or prizes.

This event will take place Sunday (02/27/2022) and the schedule will be listed ON THE RULES TAB ABOVE. We recommend checking the schedule at a later date as the times are subject to change.

We will be racing the short track oval on the B-sports map. 20 laps per heat, 20 laps for LCQ and 40 laps for the feature.

Please keep in mind that you will be racing with up to 7 total cars. Therefore we ask if your current computer setup cannot handle this many cars at once do not register for the event.

NOTE: As we allow for up to 30 participants to register we will only have 18 racers, There is no guarantee you will be placed in the event. If you are not in the initial poll of racers you will be placed on standby. If a racer that was elected is a no-show you can potentially be elected to take his position.




Participants (18/18)

  • Pawshoreㅤ
  • OBS_Jayson
  • Glen006
  • Derbysvt88
  • Fordster
  • L
  • BeamNG.Player
  • videopants2019
  • MightyCaprice
  • Jigglyman12
  • Jomppa2006
  • TunerDream
  • Aaron Rakoske
  • W
  • mastterking11
  • A
  • O
  • A