53' SEMI Race Trailer With Living Quarters

Release 53' SEMI Race Trailer With Living Quarters 1.0.28

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This small patch fixes the mass console errors induced by the previous update.
Hello all, this update brings many fixes & improvements that the community has reported. Below is a list of the changes implemented in this update.


  • Fixed missing suspension parts. (airbags & leafsprings).
  • Fixed missing mesh near axles.
  • Fixed No Normal issue on interior furniture.
  • Fixed all console errors.
  • Fixed license plate location.


  • Improved crashing physics.
  • Improved many materials.


  • Added jbeam for side door.
  • Added jbeam for side hatches.
  • Added jbeam to side tent.
  • Added interior jbeam.
  • Added interior options for interior or no interior.
  • Added light flairs to rear of trailer. (brake, turn, drl).
  • Added another default config with no interior.
  • Added license plate frame.
This update brings a few minor fixes that have been discovered since release or we're planned to be fixed prior to release.

Improved Jbeam deformation.
Improved kingpin connecting behavior.
Fixed trailer spawning in a nose-down orientation.
Fixed trailer legs not retracting when connected to a SEMI.