BMW M4 G82 Competition 2021

Release BMW M4 G82 Competition 2021 2.1

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Mod Features:

- Repo install support
- HQ 3D model / PBR Support
- HQ Interior
- HQ engine and parts
- HQ textures
- Custom build Sounds
- correct glowmaps of the headlights
- working steering wheel, pedals, indicator / wiper lever
- extremely detailed performance settings
- a lot of technical tuning (engine, chassis, charging, etc.)
- different setups "M4 / Competition / xDrive / GTS

known bugs:
- The speedometer in the interior does not work

Custom sounds made by Cyborella
Turbo tuning Parts by R4NKING
- 3D model extracted from CSR2 with Ninja Ripper
- 3D work and converting in Blender
- Jbeam and physics
-Text and script

Original Mod Author: Iamthelaw105
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First release
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4.11 star(s) 9 ratings

Latest updates

  1. BMW M4 G82 Competition 2021 v2.1

    Update Features: - Sound overhaul - added working Gauges(not perfect) - smaill issues fixed...

Latest reviews

car is great engine litteraly dies at 120mph don't know why but it happens
really great mod but i wish the interior was just all black or something, the blue and yellow is kind of weird in my opinion
imo car looks really good but only one thing is alittle bit annoying that engine explodes for no reason, maybe its my bad i dont know
Textures and everything is beautiful. The only thing that ruins it is the sound... Its super unrealistic, its soft, and its inaccurate
amazing mod BUT theres only one config that is shown from the quick menu. would be nice to have the each invidual config on the quick selector aswell
enable "user presets" in game settings / userinterface > the first entry on top
the update kinda did not work there no pbr and thare is no trung on one of the configs
have you cleaned vehicle temp folder and deleted all old versions of it ? sounds like your game still loading an outdated version of the car
i freakin love it it makes so much fun to drive and the sound is sick with the rev limiter PAP PAP PAP but in my opinion you should do it louder cause i think its to quiet i mean the cars ingame are louder then this BMW which is not very realistic for a BMW M model
thanks for the replie, i'll see what i can do with the sound ;)
i have never clicked on something that i dont need as fast as i just did
thanks man, enjoy the ride ;)