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Hyped for more drag beasts :D
Nice Mod! Maybe you could fix the camera, cause it is to close to the car when spawning. And working lights or an extra light bar on the top would be really cool ;D
Nice Mod! :D
I'm looking forward to see it with Meo's parts!
you should also make a crew cab version
bruh this thing is broken as hecc. The doors are invisible from the inside and the wheels spawn in the air. But who cares though?
Hello, as posted this is an alpha release and is prone to have bugs like this that are not yet fixed.
I liked it, but I think it's broken as all the configs are fwd or rwd and that kind of ruins it.
Thanks for the mod I always wanted to drive Audi s3/rs3 sedan in beamng!! I haven't tried it yet but I hope its good
Dude, How did you do this?!?! This I thought would be impossible, I love it. What drag wheels do you recommend so they won't stick up out of the rear wheel wells?
Make sure you grab Meo's parts and use the drag rear suspension. Make sure offset is in all the way in the rear.
Wheelie monster
It's in the vivace's configurations.
Fully satisfied with the mod, good job!
Indeed very fun to drive. Love this thing ever since I clicked that Download button. Looks good, Interior looks plain (but that's what preunners look like right? So I cant complain as it's realisitc) but the suspension and everything else, sheesh, are all awesome!

this thing is cursed