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a nice mod. It's fun to ride with him!
the car works but most of the car is just no texture
cool mod! it's very cool.
a good car, but some details without textures.
This is an amazing mod! I really liked this mod, I put 5 stars.
it dont work
Pretty amazing mod I'd say. the only problem that I have at the moment is that the inside of the frunk isn't smooth and looks bumpy. Same with the front vents.
Maybe see if you can ask someone on the forums (here or on beam) to make pbr textures for this and the apolla
Easily my favorite mod
Nice to see something new. Works really well with the old beta pull sled in the repo.
i have no textures at all plz help
perfect mod nice work :) But why there is no wheels on the Widebody one ?
absolutely amazing mod yo, maybe add a unrecoverable a90 supra config? sleeper and rusted
great mod but textures for me are broken.
Wirklich sehr schöner mod
when you spawn the car is doesnt have any textures or anything
great mod goes great with the pulling sled mod
perfect mod. congratulations!
it still needs some improofments here and there but i give my best :)