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Sterling Motorcars Diavolo

Alpha Sterling Motorcars Diavolo 1.0

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While, i was having some trouble getting the Dominator revamp file working, (engine sounds wont work, its a wip still), i posted a poll in RR concerning a hypercar, and whether i should do it or not, and due to popular vote, i did. so, i am proud to introduce, the Sterling Motorcars Diavolo! a 2300hp twin turbo V8 ultracar that's barely street legal, has a top speed of well over 250mph, and can do 0-60 in 2.2 seconds. named after the italian word for devil, this thing ain't messing around, and is far from easy to drive. but in the right hands, it can be really rewarding, and is sure to leave your entire car club jealous. there is only one config for this mod right now, but more are planned, i just wanted to get the idea out there and get some feedback from you guys. let me know what bugs you might have found, and enjoy!
(also, yes, i have no life, i whipped this up in 2 days, and put a good 6 hours into it lol.)

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