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  1. GooseTaco

    Goose's Performance Timer 1.0

    This is a speed based performance timer similar to a draggy but since we already have a offering for distance based drag timers this one only includes Speed. This timer will keep track or your best times for: 0-30 0-60 0-130 60-130 100-150 100-200 Planned features to add would include a 60-0...
  2. Tissma

    Beta Dodge Charger 66/67 1.1

    The 66/67 Charger GEN I now in Beam! Warning this mod is an High Poly flow, I started with barstow jbeams but now shes far from It, I have maked news, remade some, edited others... The car was also swapped with some cools engine: 426 hemi,Chevy LS3, RB26, all with custom sounds and V8...
  3. Glen006

    Beta Scintilla Sheep Racing Turbo 0.9

    This mod adds a turbo kit developed by Sheep Racing to the brand new Civetta Scintilla. Sheep Racing also has developed new radiators and a reinforced block able to handle up to 3000 HP and 60 PSI of boost. Credits: Fordster - Inspiration Beamng.Drive - Original Models
  4. G

    Brainerd International Raceway / Town?

    Im from Minnesota, and i love Brainerd International Raceway. is there a way that someone could make it and maybe surrounding houses? it would also be cool to see, and i would download the mod as fast as i could. Thanks!
  5. Glen006

    Beta Bruckell Bastion Drag Pack 1.0.0

    This mod includes a bunch of parts to make the Bastion the ultimate drag machine. It adds a 7.3L V8 Based on the in game 6.5L, With a slight bump in power and removal of the plastic covers. With that 7.3, you also can have a Stage 3 Block, Capable of over 2500hp and 8000rpm, Which you can use...
  6. Glen006

    Beta '96 Pessima Engine Addon 1.0.0

    This mod includes a new 4cyl for the '96 Pessima. It is based off of the Covet 2.0 engine enlarged to 2.3L. It is capable of over 1300 horsepower and adds some new configurations to the Pessima...
  7. C

    Beta Autobello Dragster 1.0

    Behold, the Autobello dragster! Complete with 3 configs! -Dragster (537 HP) -Drag Police (537 HP) -Dragster+ (11,543 HP) PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended that you use the realistic gear box mode, because for some reason the car shifts at 2000 RPM in arcade mode.