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  1. Tissma

    Beta Dodge Charger 66/67 1.1

    The 66/67 Charger GEN I now in Beam! Warning this mod is an High Poly flow, I started with barstow jbeams but now shes far from It, I have maked news, remade some, edited others... The car was also swapped with some cools engine: 426 hemi,Chevy LS3, RB26, all with custom sounds and V8...
  2. Tissma

    Release Ford Mustang Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift 1.1

    The 1967 Ford Mustang From The Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift movie Showrooms photos taken by my friend Neko-Neko The main purpose for this mod was to made a good drift car fun to drive, (Warning: this is an high poly) She come with a RB26 with some tuning parts and custom sound (if you have...