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[Baja 75] 2024 BAJA Summer Series Race #1



Rookie member
Dec 11, 2023
Leshii413 created a new tournament: Baja 75 Race Series 2024

Baja 75 is an online gaming race series, started on BeamNG in 2023, with the first race starting in Feb 17, 2024.

Baja 75 is a series by Leshii413 focused on the game BeamNG utilizing the map Johnson Valley.

The mapped course including the turn off for the qualifying area is 35 Miles for one lap and total mileage close to 75 miles with the joker route included.

Racers will compete for the best time with least amount of penalties in order to receive ranking.

Each race will have an...

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Rule book, BeamMP Server files are being updated as the series is fine-tuned from its launch February this year.

At this time, you can search Baja75 in the beamMP server list and connect to the server to check it. Please edit your vehicles off the race course which is marked with pink, green, blue or orange markers. Thank you.
I'm a little confused, how do I know what my class 5 limitations are?
I'm a little confused, how do I know what my class 5 limitations are?
If you check out the rules for Class 5, the bug that is open wheel is the Autobello Piccolina is used and 1600 cc VW engines or higher with possibly modified Body, suspension and drivetrain.

The modifications taht are allowed are only what is included in base game for class 5. Any mods move it to Class M, which is modified or highly tuned machines.

AWD Trophy trucks are Class M also.

Per the tuning and changes to a stock vehicle, If it is powertrain, suspension or it changes to 4WD/AWD it falls under Class M.