2021 Late Model Ford Bronco

2021 Late Model Ford Bronco 1.0.0

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The sequal to the does-it-all truck!

We're happy to welcome the sixth iteration of the Ford Bronco to BeamNG , featuring the First Edition package, and outer banks trim levels, as seen on Forza Horizon 5! Stay tuned for future additions to this platform.



Known problems / Areas to be improved
  • Visual-based mesh deformation properties still need TLC, try not to T-bone it with any semis going 120mph.​
  • 3D mesh still needs additional game-environment optimizations.​
  • Instrument cluster / interior symbols could use more detail / functionality​
  • Could use some additional rigidifying in a few places around the truck​
  • Someone cut the wires to the center display​

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I don't know how you made this mod so fast. It is amazing 1000% looking forward to maybe other forza 5 cars or any other mods you make!!
how to put in game
I love this mod and even after testing it to its limits (Baja course, rally course, jumps, crashes, and racing) I love it even more. but I found out in the Baja course and jumps the front axle likes to break and fold under the truck, especially when reversing. And with the diesel engine ,it didn't sound right or produce smoke like if it was a v8. But overall I love it.
love the mod, but no IFS option?
So cool !!
The car is great! However Somebody has to list all the bugs of course, please don't take it personally, overtime you will get better I believe, ;)

-The model is way too highpoly for a BeamNG mod, it spikes a ton and doesn't have the polyflow it requires.

-The sounds are pretty weird, don't fit the sounds of what the Bronco sounds like IRL, I think the FH5 Bronco sounds would be fine for this.

-Taking off the face of the Bronco reveals that the engine model isn't properly been done, and is just a mess of plastic.

-The mesh of the rear glass for the lil' door is rotated a little off, and is having a clipping issue.

-The plastic is a bit too reflective in the interior, roughness map can easily fix that though.

-There's "No Materials" on the steering wheel and the air intake.

The taillight glowmaps are too pink

-The engine seems a bit too weak ( could be just me though )

I get that you can't fix everything, but maybe with time and updates you could fix all of those big issues! Please don't be pissed with me, I just want to list what can be improved on the mod later in the future.
Thank you so much! I appreciate you taking the time to evaluate the mod, we need more people like yourself :)

I must say the No Material spot on the steering wheel is a find that went missed! 😮

Thank you again for the review, a fix-up update for the '75 and '21 bronco will happen sometime down the road 👍
Great mod! Would love to see an independent front suspension added in an update hopefully soon.
no texture evrywhere:((((((
pls help
We do have a discord space dedicated to development and user help. You could stop by there for help with your game issues as opposed to a bad review, thanks.
Hell yea! , Also what about a Mclaren 720s for a next mod?