Gen-6 NASCAR [Ford | Chevy | Toyota] 85 Configurations!

Beta Gen-6 NASCAR [Ford | Chevy | Toyota] 85 Configurations! 0.96

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: 2Fast Racing Community has no affiliation with the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, LLC or any other brand associated with this mod. 2Fast Racing requires all users agree to not distribute any asset included in this mod including but not limited to models & skins.
Race day is here and we are excited to bring you a very long-awaited project for the BeamNG community. After hundreds, if not thousands of hours invested into this project by 2Fast Racing and much appreciated help from Revolution Racecraft our Gen-6 NASCAR is ready to rip up the tarmac at your favorite track in style featuring Toyota, Ford and Chevrolet bodies and 85 total driver skins and 54 different generic skins throughout all three different bodies.
These cars are keyboard, wheel and controller friendly and are able to be competitive with any controller you are using. We have also taken performance into great consideration for multi-car races via BeamMP and have made it as lightweight as possible to allow anyone to enjoy the car without having to worry about their PC performance.


  • 704Games - Skins, Models.

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Screenshot 2022 02 09 23 51 38
Screenshot 2022 02 14 20 58 54
Screenshot 2022 02 15 20 04 56
Screenshot 2022 02 19 17 43 12

Want to make your own skins? Check out the UV MAPS attached below to get started!
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4.21 star(s) 38 ratings

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Latest reviews

  • Ferrari_F40
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 0.96
Great car and I love the blowover physics but there is some black that appears when the car gets damaged but other than that great job.
  • CODzilla234
  • 2.00 star(s)
  • Version: 0.96
Front brakes do not work
  • adrianz
  • 4.00 star(s)
  • Version: 0.92
so far good
  • 0312samuel
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 0.92
really amazing mod! and a skin suggestion: lightning mcqueen
  • British_girl
  • 4.00 star(s)
  • Version: 0.92
good mod, but like a few other people have said the crash physics aren't the best and the windows are white ish
  • JoemamaLolz
  • 4.00 star(s)
  • Version: 0.92
pretty good mod but the windows are pretty white-ish
i kinda like destroying it
  • TylerD.
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 0.92
It's good but I saw videos of this mod and it had natural blow over but when I tried it doesn't work any reason?
  • logi22
  • 4.00 star(s)
  • Version: 0.92
its pretty good looking but the crash physics are kind of wonky and they feel slow and as a suggestion there should be like short track configs and like super speedway configs but other than that its a pretty good mod
  • OnlyCrazy
  • 4.00 star(s)
  • Version: 0.92
Good mod just no blowover physicis
  • Dudeco5
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 0.92