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Wigeon Monster Toy Truck

Wigeon Monster Toy Truck 1.0.1

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I am the author of this resource on the Beam Forums:

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How might the Wigeon be made any better, you ask? Add six feet to the height!

RR WigeonBanner

What we have before you is the result of a bored afternoon transpiring into Wigeon Madness.

This quick whip up features the following accompanying parts to two Wigeon tuff boi combos:

  • Two frames for the “Bigeon” and “Earth Crawler” Configs
  • Front and rear suspension for wide track offered in 6 and 5 lug
  • “Torque Master” 2500CC engine for moving the behemoth of tires
  • 24x22 Trial 250 Off-Road wheels
  • 59x30R24 BIG boy tires
  • Additional supporting parts to make the big ol’ lifts function properly, which can be found in the configs
Pitfalls to a 1-day mod:

  • Handling / stability / drivability is a subpar at best - still memes hard
  • Realistically doesn’t weigh enough, frame and chonky boy tires especially are on a serious diet
  • Wheelies rather easily, This might be a pro actually…
  • If you put a Toy truck body on the original frame you’ll have floating props such as the pedals and needles, couldn't be bothered to change the props nesting structure from vanilla
  • You can probably cause an instability by swapping non-toy truck parts in due to scaling of strength and weight factors - so don’t do that!
  • If you’re that 1% of elites who manually activate nitrous, you can blow this unit to pieces by spamming the input (vanilla car issue in-short, couldn't be bothered the least bit)
  • A naturally aspirated inline four cylinder and a 5-speed manual transmission isn’t exactly winning any Choice Awards for a monster truck powertrain, but I’ve made do with what I got.

BeamNG: For making a fantastic little toy

@Dee-Dop : Helping me improve suspension stability and handling

@Kelly The Dragon : Beta testing

RR/2Fast Racing teams: Being absolute studs as always to help me shape things up.

Here’s a few more pics I grabbed the other night, Enjoy!!
RR WigeonRally
RR WigeonPile
RR Wigeon2FastGarage
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