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Adam's Drag Transmissions | Tunable Converter

Adam's Drag Transmissions | Tunable Converter 1.3.3

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Revolution Racecraft
Staff member
Feb 12, 2021
Fort Collins, Colorado
Fordster submitted a new resource:

Adam's Drag Transmissions | Tunable Converter - Powerglide, TH400, Lenco

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This mods features drag racing focused transmissions for BeamNG vehicles. The mod adds a 2-speed Powerglide, a 3-speed TH400, and a 5-speed Lenco Transmission to each supported vehicle. The mod adds a tunable torque converter with presets and lock-up ability for higher horsepower builds. Also added are automatic and manual valve body options, along with forward and reverse valve body options

Supported vehicles:
  • All vanilla vehicles...

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Would love to see a faceplated/dog ring 4 or 6-speed manual added!
Fordster updated Adam's Drag Transmissions | Tunable Converter with a new update entry:

Lansdale, Autobello Drag Buggy, & More!

View attachment 1918

Updates for this release include:

- Added Lansdale support
- Added Pigeon & Wigeon support
- Added City Bus support
- Added DuneKicker support
- Added RockBouncer support
- Added Scintilla V8 support
- Added Autobello Buggy support
- Added Autobello SBR (Drag) support
- Added Bolide Gambler support
- Added Covet Gambler support

- Fixed and updated SBR support
- Fixed and updated ETK-I support
- Fixed and updated Covet support

- Updated Bolide...

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what happened to your other mods?