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Creating trophy truck

Hello everyone! So I'm looking for some help on creating files for a custom trophy truck I have envisioned. I race short course pro lite so I know/love the off road scene. I'm entirely new to the and its awesome so far but I want to start building. Where do I start? How does everything work? I'm fairly new to the PC world so any help is going to be great. I've tried doing just internet research and I'm not having any luck. It does oftenly resort to this page so I figured it would be best to start a post. TIA (here's a picture of my pro-lite at crandon)


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Bracket Racing in BeamNG

So I have been trying to make a custom mission using the motorsports complex dragstrip. I want to make a bracket drag race where each car is able to set a dial in, and have the tree lights come down staggered. Is there any way to do this? I am not a very smart person when it comes to modding and mission creation so any help is much appreciated.

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Commission for AS350 helicopter for racing events, filming, and police chase purposes.


Existing helicopter mods fail to exploit the potential of BeamNG for several reasons.​

BeamNG is definitely capable of being the most realistic rotorcraft simulator. (In terms of the simulation within the aircraft. environmental factors are not considered.)​

So I offer 400~450 USD to make this happen.​

Is anyone interested?​

After this mod is complete, the mod may be made public. If this mod has no problem(In terms of Completeness), I will consider making other helicopters, such as Chinooks, coaxial helicopters, or even NOTAR. The possibility of making sizeable fixed-wing aircraft is also not ruled out.

standard(AS350B3 or H125 or Astar whatever you want to call it):​

1. CAN simulate the effect of "Ground Resonance"
2. Linear input devices like flight joystick, mouse, or keyboard require different input filtering methods and binding
3. (for police/photography needs) Equipped with a 3-axis camera (with magnification, FLIR, optional HUD, and with moving target locking function) and 3-axis steering searchlight
4. The external structure and transmission system simulation are similar to the real ones (no visualization is required). The electrical system (The auto trim and 3-axis autopilot and auto-hover
)and interactable cockpit
4. Realistic ceiling and hanging weight
7. make presets with different performance consumption levels according to the simulation depth (the performance consumption level of the mod is dynamic. When other parts of the game world consume more performance, such as traffic flow or multiplayer online, different presets are required. to deal with various Hardware usage scenarios)
8. Other specific requirements DM my discord

DISCORD: iaMdIrewolF#3405

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mods not working

i need some help i downloaded 14 cars and only 1 works in game,
the zip files have been put in the mods folder and they all show up in the mod manager but only 1 in game,
is there something ive done wrong,
i created the mod folder in the correct place D:>appdata>>0.27>mods really need the help i have 200 cars in a different file from another site that i cant use due to the same issue, only 30 of them cars worked yet ive seen youtube videos of people using them

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Commission for modern pickup mod.

Dear whoever it may concern,

If anyone with modding experience that can make a quality, non-meshslap mod for me, I can pay a reasonable price. (maybe like $20- idk $50 max) I would be really happy to work with you.
I am not the type of player that just slaps a random car at a pole at 200 mph and thinks its funny. I have a nice setup and I usually like either racing or casually driving through the maps with AI traffic. The problem with beamng is that there aren't any modern pickup trucks that are regular for city driving or putting to work. There are only high performance off-roaders like the TRX.

So what am I looking for? A 2021 (or newer) ford f-150. I would appreciate all the trim levels, but I'm only asking for the lariat and higher trims.




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Can anybody make a 2nd gen Dodge Viper Coupe? I am willing to pay up to $30 for a good quality mod, proper motor, sound, interior and exterior.

Like the title said can anybody make a second gen Dodge Viper Coupe, not going to ask for too much, but in case you would like to know, this all I want:
1996-2002 Dodge Viper GTS
It comes with a detailed V10 8.0 viper motor
With a T56 6-speed transmission
450hp, 490 IB-FT
Detailed Interior and Exterior
Viper sounds, not a random v10 sound
Aftermarket parts like Superchargers and Twin Turbo Kit's
Different Config's like ACR, RT/10, Hennessey 1000 and GTS-R (Would love if included)
Aftermarket Exterior Parts


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Configs Are Not Working, Tried Everything.

Can anyone figure out/fix my mod? It doesn't show up right in the config selector and it spawns a default bolide instead of the correct one. here is the file.
The car is supposed to be called "GTE Prototype" but instead has no preview, spawns the default bolide, and is called "prototype.pc"


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