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New to mods and scripting

Hi all, im new to beem and modding. I'm very good at blender I can make car models fine, my question is are there some scripts I can use that work like the 69 camero promod? I managed to get my car imported via automation and it runs but the scripts that automation has are horrible and would like to learn more about how to do this, I looked at a lot of web pages about this and came up mostly with bad info, I like the 69 the tuneability of it and would like to use the scripts in my car if that's possible, was a very janky way I imported my blender model I know there's a better way to do it other than using automation, any help would be much appreciated I joined your discoed but never seem to catch anyone on there, thanks in advance..


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A bug with textures.

Ever sents we got the update for the reworked pigeon, I've been spawning cars with all-white wheels. I've tried clearing the cash but that didn't work, also I think it may be mod-related. I'm not if it's just me or this has affected anyone else. (this is also affecting my video quality, that's why I haven't posted any videos yet.)

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How do you get access to the meo drag parts with the GIANT superchargers and blowers?

I keep seeing these reaally cool drag cars on the discord, like the muscle car packs and the huracun,GTR,mirimar. and toons of others. Are these privated mods or mods on the forums? are they WIP mods? im very sorry to be asking for a private mods or if im not supposed to ask. I just think these mods.. ARE NICE AS HECC!
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